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Keeping in line with our Philosophy of Quality, Reliability and Trust over a decade, we continue to offer computer related products at a competitive price and service support. We are dealing in some of the world leaders in their respective product lines namely AMD, Apple, Canon, Compaq, Creative, D-Link, Epson, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Kingston, Kodak, LG, Logitech, Microsoft, Toshiba, Western Digital, Wipro and more. 

Our endeavour is not only sale of products to our valued clients, but also render after-sales services as and when required. The sales and service team comprises of experienced and dedicated technocrats who spare no stone unturned to extend support services to the best satisfaction of the buyers.


LA Systems offers reliable and practical solutions to your everyday computer problems. We are dedicated to easing your frustrations, making your computer as productive as it can be, and ensuring you are happy as a customer. We can service your computer at your location, over the Internet or at one of our many technician's home.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts)

With the support of our experienced service team we are in a position to take care of any applications from stand alone PC's, Network establishment, CAD stations, Mail server, entire solution for computerization and more. As we set the standard against which the maintenance services measure, our client appreciate our work by allowing us to provide maintenance of their own machines and provide referrals to the others as well.

Software Sale

Now it's much simpler and convenient to buy the Original Software & products of Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, Oracle and other developers. We are authorised dealer of the above mentioned brands as well as personalised packages which we develop at our development centres.

Internet Through Cables

We provide internet connection through broadband cables, leased line or modem based ISDN. Please Contact us to discuss about your requirements.

Domain & Email

We offer domain registration service with different extensions. (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc.) . We also offer Domain Transfer, Domain Forwarding and a host of other services.

Apart from that, we offer Email Solution with anti spam for personal and business emails for small, medium & large business organisations.

Website Design

We specialize in web design and development solutions for your business. Offering a complete portfolio of services needed to design, develop, maintain and manage your web site or online e-commerce business. We add value to your business.

We provide high quality website design and development services at very affordable prices Some of the services we provide include conceptualizing, designing, programming, graphics, animations, coding, SEO, Linking to other sites, maintenance and template based structure.

Website Hosting

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center.

The scope of hosting services varies widely. The most basic is web page and small-scale file hosting, where files can be uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a Web interface.

Single page hosting is generally sufficient only for personal web pages. A complex site calls for a more comprehensive package that provides database support and application development platforms (e.g. PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, and ASP.NET). These facilities allow the customers to write or install scripts for applications like forums and content management. For e-commerce, SSL is also highly recommended.

We offer all kinds of Hosting and maintenance support for personal as well as business websites.


Computer networking or Data communications (Datacom) is the engineering discipline concerned with the communication between computer systems or devices. A computer network is any set of computers or devices connected to each other with the ability to exchange data. Computer networking is sometimes considered a sub-discipline of telecommunications.

The three types of networks are: the Internet, the intranet, and the extranet. Examples of different network methods are: Local area network (LAN), which is usually a small network constrained to a small geographic area. An example of a LAN would be a computer network within a building. Metropolitan area network (MAN), which is used for medium size area. examples for a city or a state. Wide area network (WAN) that is usually a larger network that covers a large geographic area. Wireless LANs and WANs (WLAN & WWAN) are the wireless equivalent of the LAN and WAN. All networks are interconnected to allow communication with a variety of different kinds of media, including twisted-pair copper wire cable, coaxial cable, optical fiber, power lines and various wireless technologies.

We facilitate you for all kinds of network connections with accessories such as cable, router, data connectors, lan cards etc.

With broad experience and deep expertise developing solutions on a variety of platforms and devices, we excel at customer-driven enterprise systems development. Using our solution frameworks, we make an immediate impact on your business and have the expertise to architect and implement innovative solutions using proven fundamentals. We have collaborated with various industry-leading companies, and have gained valuable insight through proven success.